The text in a repeatable web content structure text field is not mouse-selectable on the Firefox browser


  • I have an issue with the web content's repeatable text field. I create a structure with a repeatable text field. I add web content from the structure. When I type any text on the field, I am not able to highlight the text to select it when using the cursor. This occurs on the Firefox browser. On Chrome and Edge browsers, this works fine.

Reproduction Steps:

1. Set up 2023.q4.0 +
2. Go to Content & Data --> Web Content --> Structures and add a structure with a Text field, then from the Advanced tab on the right panel, make it repeatable.
3. Go to Content & Data --> Web Content and add web content from the structure.
4. On Chrome/edge browsers, add any text to the Text field and try to highlight/select it with the cursor.
Checkpoint: It works as expected.
5. Repeat Step 4 with Firefox.

Expected Result: We should be able to highlight/select the text with the cursor as with Chrome/Edge browsers.

Actual Result: It is not possible to highlight and select the text with the cursor.



  • Liferay DXP 7.4 Quarterly Release 2023.Q4


  • This is a known issue. The current library react-dnd used for drag&drop features all along the portal cannot fix this for Firefox because of a limitation. It would require critical changes that would impact our framework. 
  • A feature request LPS-194899 is under assessment by the Product Team. If you wish to comment or inquire about the progress of the feature request, please go to the following Liferay Ask link:
  • Currently, the workaround is using the keyboard for text selection or the working browsers (Chrome & Edge).
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