How target Liferay product in my workspace?


  • We are currently upgrading our workspace and we would like to change the target version in our file, but we are unsure what is the correct format.
  • We tried using e.g. but it does not work.


  • Liferay Quartely Releases


  • You can update your blade CLI tool with blade update update OR blade update -s (for snapshot version)
  • When you use blade version 6+ you will be able to create workspace for quarterly release
  • blade init --list --all command can be used to list all the options.
  • These options can be set for liferay.workspace.product
  • The syntax for property is different.
  • To check the correct values before setting it in your file in your workspace, see  the release.json file contains. e.g.
“releaseKey”: “dxp-2024.q1.8",

“targetPlatformVersion”: “2024.q1.8"
  • According to that set the e.g.

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