Private Network

Every environment has its own private network. This allows services from the same environment to communicate through multiple secure communication protocols. For example, to connect a Liferay DXP instance hosted on your local machine to a database hosted on DXP Cloud, the database must provide an HTTP interface. However, if the Liferay DXP instance is also hosted on the same DXP Cloud environment, you can refer to the database via its service ID and therefore bypass the need for an HTTP interface.

Every service in an environment is reachable through its ID. You can therefore communicate between services by passing the service ID as the address. For example, imagine you have a MySQL service hosted on DXP Cloud with the following configuration:

    "id": "db",
    "image": "mysql:5.7",
    "memory": 4096,
        "MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD": "passw0rd",
        "MYSQL_DATABASE": "lportal"
    "volumes": {
        "data": "/var/lib/mysql"
    "zeroDowntime": false

To connect your Liferay DXP instance to this MySQL service, you could configure your file like this:


Note that the ID (mysql) functions as the URL to call the MySQL service.

Configure a Service as Private [](id=configure-a-service-as-private)

By default, all services are available for public access via their DXP Cloud URLs. To make a service private, set the public key to false:

    "id": "app",
    "public": false

This makes your service reachable only by other services in your environment (the load balancer doesn’t expose the service).

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