Log Management

Checking logs is crucial for debugging. On DXP Cloud, you can access your environment’s logs via the web console or terminal. You can also download the log file.

Accessing Logs from the Web Console

The easiest way to access an environment's logs is via the Web Console. To do so, select the environment and click the Logs tab in the left menu. To access a specific service’s logs, select the service from the All Services menu in the toolbar. To download the logs, click the Download Logs button.


Figure 1: The web console also lets you view your logs.

Accessing Logs from the Terminal

You can also access logs from your terminal by running this command:

we log

This lists all your services so that you can choose the one whose logs to access. To access logs from a specific environment you can enter its ID or run the command with that ID:

we log -p myenvironmentid

You can also specify the service as part of the command:

we log -p myenvironmentid -s myserviceid 
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