Liferay Customer Documentation

Liferay provides the documentation necessary to help customers successfully administer and deploy Liferay products from start to finish. Liferay seeks to resolve any errors in the Liferay documentation listed below. Subscription Services will provide additional explanation or documentation if the supported documentation isn't robust enough. Requests for additional documentation won't be assigned a severity and aren't subject to a service level agreement.

Information about products not created by Liferay provided in the documentation is for reference purposes only. Subscription Services does not recommend or endorse specific third-party products over others. Liferay is not responsible for any instructions herein or referenced regarding these products. The customer is responsible for any implementation of these principles.

Covered Documentation

Other Documentation

Liferay offers other helpful resources such as community and staff blogs, a community wiki, and forums. This content may not be up to date, and may or may not apply to the customer's Liferay product version. The implementation of concepts discussed in such resources is the customer's responsibility.

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