Moving Existing Data From an Old Liferay bundle to a New One

This article provides a checklist when you move your existing data from an old Liferay environment to a new one.


  1. For database, please backup the database in old environment and import it to the new environment.
  2. For documents, they are stored under [LIFERAY_HOME]/data/document_library by default.

    Please copy all of the files to the same directory in the new environment.

    If you have configured new directory in System Settings, depending on the defined store in your, please make sure the documents can be accessed in the new environment.

  3. For your customized configurations, please copy them to the new environment. The common configuration files are listed, but not limited to the following:

      The database connection related statements and the dl store related statements might need to be changed to use the correct one in your new environment.

    2. osgi related configurations

      If there is any customized configurations in the osgi/configs folder, please copy them to your new environment.

  4. For all of your customizations, please deploy them on to the new server.
  5. After moving these contents, please perform a full re-index in Control Panel > Server Administration in your new environment.
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