An attachment is any kind of file that you want customers to be able to download before they purchase. For instance, you can post a .pdf of a user manual, or a video of a product demonstration.

Follow these steps to add an attachment to a product:

  1. Go to the product’s page (CommerceCatalog → select product), click on the Attachments tab and then the Add button in the upper-right to display the Add Attachment form. Click Select File to upload a file or to select one from the documents and media repository. Set a priority to control the order in which attachments are published on a page (lower numbers come first).

  2. If you want to associate the attachment with a specific product variant, select one from the Options section of the Add Attachment form. (Variants are available to choose from only if a product has options designated as SKU contributors. See Options for details).

  3. If you want the attachment to be displayed on the product page for a limited period of time, specify display and expiration dates in the Schedule section at the bottom of the form.

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