Flat Rate Shipping

Buyers can choose a flat rate shipping option to ship any product. By creating multiple flat rate options, you can give customers choices of cost, speed, or security.

Flat rate shipping imposes the same cost on every product in the catalog. You can create exceptions, however, for individual products from the Shipping Extra Price field in the product’s Configuration tab.

Creating a Flat Rate Shipping Option

  1. Go to Site MenuCommerceSettings and click the Shipping Methods tab. Choose the Flat Rate method and then the Shipping Options tab.

  2. Click Add and fill in the following fields:

    Name: Buyers see this name when selecting a shipping option.

    Description: Information about the option—delivery time, guarantees, insurance and the like—should go in this field.

    Amount: Set the method’s cost.

    Priority: Sets the option display order. Lower numbers come first.

  3. Click Save. To create more than one option, repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed.

  4. Click the Details tab and check the Active box. Click Save.

The Details tab also contains fields for changing the name and description of the flat rate shipping method. This may be useful for reference, but the text is not automatically displayed to customers. You can also set a priority that orders flat rate shipping options relative to options of other methods.

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