Notifications are automated emails sent to buyers. By default, notifications can only be sent to inform buyers when an order has been received, but an extension point lets you develop other notifications: for a shipped order, a restocked product, a carrier exception, or any other event.

Notifications require a Notification Template, which defines the notification’s sender, its trigger, and its content.

Follow these steps create a notification for a received order:

  1. Go to Site MenuCommerceSettings. Click on the Notifications tab and then the Notification Template sub-tab.

  2. Click Add and fill in the Add Notification Template Form.

    Name: Give the template a name.

    User Segments: Click Select and choose segments from the list to determine users that receive notifications. If no segment is selected, then all users receive notifications. See User Segments for more detail.

    From Address: Enter the email address that appears in the notification’s from field.

    From Name: Enter a name to accompany the address.

    Type: Select Order Placed from the drop-down. This sets the notification to be sent to a user after he places an order. It is the only notification trigger available by default.

    Body: Enter the actual text of the message. You can include the name of the user who placed the order and the order number by including the text [%ORDER_CREATOR%] or [%ORDER_ID%] (including brackets) in the message.

    Notifications are not sent unless the Enabled box is checked. You can also add a description (for internal use), and addresses to CC or BCC. Click Save.

Once the template is created, a new notification is added to the notification queue whenever an order is placed. You can view the queue by clicking on the Notification Queue sub-tab in the Notifications tab. At specified intervals—the default is every 15 minutes—Liferay Commerce checks the queue and sends any unsent notifications.

To set the interval at which Liferay Commerce checks the queue, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Control MenuConfigurationSystem Settings. In the Commerce section, click on the Orders link and then on the Commerce Notification Queue tab.

  2. In the Notification Queue Entry Check Interval field, enter the desired interval in minutes.

  3. Click Save.

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