Allowing Users to Customize Site Pages

As we discussed before, as your site becomes larger and more complex, management of the content becomes more challenging. We’ve gone over Liferay management tools that help you create content quickly and in an orderly fashion. You created a simple announcement with Liferay’s structure editor that allows you to quickly design a structure and prepare it for the template designers. Then you applied a template to the structure. You know how to display content using the Web Content Display portlet. Now, you’re ready to take advantage of Liferay’s advanced publishing options.

If a web site isn’t properly managed, it can quickly become stale and that drives viewers away. If people are finding your site because of search engines, you don’t want them presented with outdated (and possibly inaccurate) web content.

You also want your content to be found easily by your users. This is done through tags and categories.

Additionally, you may want to create content and send it through an approval and reviewal process weeks before you want it displayed on the web site. Liferay gives you this flexibility with the Schedule and Workflow features.

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