Application Permissions

All of Liferay’s apps support Liferay DXP’s robust, fine-grained permissions system. Some higher level permissions can be configured in the permissions tab of the app’s configuration dialog box. You can grant roles permission to:

  • Add a display template
  • Add the app to a page
  • Configure the app
  • Modify the app’s permissions
  • Modify the app’s preferences
  • View the app

To set these permissions, go to the app’s Options icon (Options) and click select Permissions. This shows you a table of roles defined in the Liferay instance. Use the check boxes to grant certain permissions to different roles. Click Save after you’ve made your selections.

Beyond this, specific permissions are generally defined for specific applications. For example, the Message Boards application contains a Ban User permission. This makes no sense in the context of another app, say, the Blogs application. You’ll go over permissions for specific applications in the sections for those applications. Next, you’ll explore how to sharing applications.

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