Patching Basics

Liferay ships Liferay DXP 7.0 fixes through three different channels:

  • Fix packs
  • Hotfixes
  • Service Packs

Fix Packs

On a regular schedule, the latest fixes that patch the core are bundled together into fix packs that are provided to all of Liferay’s customers. Fix packs include fixes for both the core and the application suites that ship with the product. Each fix pack contains all previous fix packs since the last service pack.

Security Fix Packs are a special fix pack type for deploying critical security fixes quickly without changing fix pack levels.


A hotfix is provided to customers when they contact Liferay about an emergency situation, and Liferay’s support team–working with the customer– determines that the problem is an issue with the product that needs to be fixed very quickly. Support fixes the bug and provides a hotfix to the customer immediately. This is a short-term fix Hotfixes can patch both the core and the application suites.

Service Packs

Service packs are built on the top of the original Liferay DXP release and repackaged with the latest fix pack, Patching Tool and modules. Since a service pack contains the latest fix pack, it contains all previous fix packs since the last service pack. If starting a new project, always start with the latest service pack.

Rather than use the service packs to keep existing systems updated, existing customers should

  1. Keep their systems up-to-date with fix packs (according to their own deployment schedules).

  2. Install the latest Marketplace updates frequently.

  3. Update the Patching Tool when necessary.

This method updates the installation to the service pack levels, while allowing scheduled deployments and preventing full environment rebuilds.

How Patches are Tested

Liferay extensively tests all three types of fix packs to ensure high quality. For each issue fixed, fix packs go through both automated regression testing and manual testing. Hotfixes receive similar automated testing, and the fix for the reported issue is tested by the support engineer who fixed it.

Before releasing a service pack, test suites run on the packaged releases to ensure the quality of the packaging.

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