Introduction to Kaleo Forms: Defining Business Processes

EE Only Feature

In the last chapter, you saw the elements that comprise a workflow definition and learned how to create a workflow definition. In this chapter, you’ll learn about the Kaleo Forms Admin application for Liferay EE. This application lets you create workflow definitions using an intuitive UI. Using the workflow designer saves you the time and trouble of having to deal directly with the XML.

Developers who are used to working with XML can create workflow definitions with little struggle. Other users may not be so comfortable with it. In fact, even skilled developers can make mistakes that break a definition and require time to troubleshoot. To help streamline the creation of workflow definitions and empower more users to create custom workflows, Liferay provides the Kaleo Forms Admin application in Liferay 6.2 EE.

There are two pieces to the workflow designer: Kaleo Forms Admin and Kaleo Forms Display. These two portlets are included in the Kaleo Forms app and can be downloaded from Liferay Marketplace. Kaleo Forms Admin contains a wizard that guides you through each step in the creation of a workflow process. This includes a drag and drop interface for creating new workflow definitions without having to write XML. Kaleo Forms Display allows you to work with a process in its associated workflow. In other words, Kaleo Forms Admin is for creating workflow processes, while Kaleo Forms Display is for using them.

Let’s look at Kaleo Forms Admin first.

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