Kaleo Workflow Changes for DXP 7.0

This article documents the Kaleo workflow changes that have taken place in Liferay Digital Experience Platform.

In DXP, there are some Kaleo Workflow related user experience changes happening surrounding Web Content. These changes include:

  1. Unlike 6.2 and previous versions, the Web Content option is no longer in Control Panel > Configuration > Workflow Configuration > Resource
  2. The Web Content Folder was introduced in DXP. Kaleo Workflow can be configured at both folder level and site level now, but in different places.

This article provides a solution to achieve this quickly and in an intuitive way.


  1. Set Web Content workflow at folder level. 
    1. Go to Liferay Site > Content > Web Content and locate the folder that was created. 
    2. Click the three dots of the folder and select Edit. 
    3. Choose from Structure Restrictions and Workflow based on needs. 
  2. Set Web Content workflow at site level.
    1. Go to Liferay Site > Content > Web Content. 
    2. Click the 'i' button at the top right of page and a side menu for the Home folder will pop up. 
    3. Click the three dots for the Home folder and select Edit
    4. Select Default Workflow for All Structures based on need.
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