Product Categories

Products can be organized into Categories. These groupings allow multiple products to be handled as a single unit. For example, a product category could be used to apply discounts or other offers to a set of products, to assist buyers in finding products, or to promote certain products to a specified user segment.

To organize products into categories, you must create the categories first and then assign products to them.

Creating Categories

To create vocabularies, categories and subcategories, go to Site MenuCategorizationCategories. To learn more about the process, go to the Defining Categories for Content section.

Adding and Removing Products from Categories

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the catalog, select a product, and open its Categorization tab.

  2. Click on the Select button under the label for the appropriate vocabulary, and in the pop-up that appears the check the box next to each category that applies.

  3. Click Save.

A product can be removed from a category the same way by unchecking the boxes in step 2. Alternatively, several products can be removed at once using the category application:

  1. Find the category you want at Site MenuCategorizationCategories. Then click OptionsEdit, and select the Products tab.

  2. Check the box next to each product you want to remove from the category.

  3. Click Remove.

Category Display Page

You may want to associate more than just products with your categories. The category display page creates a relationship between a category, a specified page, and a URL for that page. This relationship helps display and organize content or applications related to that category, as changes made to the category are reflected on the page automatically. A typical use case uses the page to display category content for customers.

Follow these steps to create a category display page:

  1. Create a page.

  2. Find the category you want to associate with the page in Site MenuCategorizationCategories. Then click OptionsEdit, and select the Category Display Page tab.

  3. Click Choose and select the page you just created.

  4. Enter a Friendly URL.

  5. Click Done to close the pop-up and then click Save.

This process creates a relationship between the category and a blank page. At any point, you can populate the page with whatever content or applications suit your purposes.


Uploading images and associating them with product categories lets you designate a generic category page that automatically displays images and products for whatever category a buyer wants. These images can be updated by publishing a new category image. For more details on setting up a generic category page to display content dynamically, see Category Detail Page.

Follow these steps to assign images to a category:

  1. Find the category you want at Site MenuContentCategories. Then click OptionsEdit, and select the images tab.

  2. Click on the Add button. You can either upload an image or choose one from the Documents and Media Repository.

  3. Click Save.

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