Liferay's "Verify" Process

This article explains a few key facts surrounding the "verify" process in the Liferay Portal and steps that need to be taken to ensure the integrity of the database being used by the Liferay Portal.


In the file, the following properties have to do with Liferay's "Verify" process that checks through the database connected to the Liferay portal:

# Input a list of comma delimited class names that implement
# com.liferay.portal.integrity.VerifyProcess. These classes will run on
# startup to verify and fix any integrity problems found in the database.
verify.processes=com.liferay.portal.verify.VerifyProcessSuite #
# Specify the frequency for verifying the integrity of the database.
# Constants in VerifyProcess:
# public static final int ALWAYS = -1;
# public static final int NEVER = 0;
# public static final int ONCE = 1;

​It is important to note that while the name of the class is "Verify", this process will actually correct any issues that it finds in the database. Because of this, there is risk associated with running the verify process.

Because of this, make sure to back up any database in which Liferay's verify process will be run.

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