Site Pages Using “Link to Page” Option Are Not Published When Staging

This article is a legacy article. It applies to previous versions of the Liferay product. While the article is no longer maintained, the information may still be applicable.

This article describes how staged site pages configured as “Link to Page” behave when published to live. When using the page type, “Link to Page”, that page is not published using default Publish settings. Users can configure the Publish settings to include that page; later versions of Liferay Portal do not have this problem.

Part 1: Setup

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel > Sites.
  2. Create a new site named Alpha Site.
  3. Navigate to the Alpha Site > Site Pages.
  4. Create a page called Test Page 1.
  5. Click on Test Page 1.
  6. Create a child page called Child 1 and select the Wiki page template. The second part is optional but helpful to show the difference between Test Page 1 and Child Page 1.
  7. Click Alpha Site > Site Settings.
  8. Click Staging then activate Local Live.
  9. Navigate to the Alpha Site > Site Pages.
  10. Create a child page on Test Page 2 called Sub1.
  11. Configure Test Page 2 as a Link to Page type and pointing to Child Page1.
Part 2: The Observed Behavior
  1. Click Go to > Alpha Site
  2. On the Live site, Test Page 2 is missing because it has not been published yet. On the Staged site, Test Page 2 displays in the navigation bar and when clicked the system redirects to Child 1.
  3. While on Test Page 2 (which is still pointing to Child 1), click the Staging drop down menu > Publish to Live.
  4. On the Live Page, Test Page 2 does not redirect to Child 1.
  5. Even if Test Page 2 points to its own child page Sub1, Test Page 2 does not redirect to Sub1.


The solution is to insure that the Test Page 2 is included during the publication process.
  1. Go to the Alpha Site > Staging drop down.
  2. Click "Publish to Live Now"
  3. Click "Change Selection"
  4. Click the check box next to "Test Page 2"
  5. Click the Publish button.

Additional Information

Known Issues

There is one known issue which involves the Page Versioning feature with pages that are set as “Link to Page”. Verify that the page has been marked “Ready for Publication” (and not Draft) before publishing to live. When these types of site pages are on a staged site, they cannot be published to live.

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