Announcement Portlet

The Announcements portlet enables the portal user to receive important messages or updates that need to be received portal-wide. For example, if a user needs to make an announcement to thousands of users who are accessing the portal, the Announcements portlet can be used to monitor the distribution of the announcement. If you'd like to limit certain users that are members of a specific site, you can do so via the Distribution Scope feature.

When making a new announcement, a user simply has to click on the Add Entry button. A new entry page will display allowing the user to create his/her announcement. With the entry interface, the user can:

  1. Select the Distribution Scope
  2. Create a Title
  3. Add a URL
  4. Add content
  5. Select the Type
  6. Set the Priority Level
  7. Set the Display and expiration Date

Announcements can be viewed and monitored via the Entries tab of the Announcements portlet. Clicking the Entries tab will display all the announcements you have created. From here, you can edit any announcements you would like and track them.



  1. Navigate to the top-left of your site page and bring up the +Add application portlet feature.
  2. Search “announcements” and locate the Announcements portlet.
  3. Drag and drop onto the page.
  4. Proceed to make an announcement by clicking Add Entry
  5. Fill out the appropriate fields, and click Save
  6. Notice that you can view the listed announcement created in the Entries feature.


  1. If the desired announcement is not viewable to certain users:
    1. Check to see if the Distribution Scope is selected correctly.
    2. Check to see if those users have permissions to view the respective announcement.
  2. The Announcement appeared last week, but disappeared one week later.
    1. Navigate to the Entries tab.
    2. Select the desired announcement.
    3. Check to see if the date for announcement display has been set correctly.
      1. For example, if the announcement is set to expire on January 7 and the date is January 21, you will need to reconfigure that portion of the announcement.
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