Creating a Blogger Role

This article documents how to create a blogger role with the ability to view, edit and publish blog posts.


Follow these basic instructions to achieve the blogger role:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Users and Organizations, and create an organization named Test with an organization site. Do this by clicking the checkbox within the organization site sidebar.
  2. In Control Panel > Roles, add an organizational role named Organizational Blogger. Once created, select Define Permissions and give all blog permissions to it, excluding Blogs Aggregator, but including control panel settings.
  3. Within Users and Organizations, create a user named Blogger and add this user as member of Test organization and site.
  4. Assign user Blogger the Organizational Blogger role.
  5. Create a draft blog with Portal Admin.
  6. Login to user Blogger and view/edit/publish the draft blog entry in the control panel of the Test organization site.
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