Installing Liferay on Mule Tcat

Liferay Portal Tcat Edition is a combination of Liferay Portalthe leading open source portaland Tcat Serveran enterprise grade administration console for the Apache Tomcat application server.

Tcat server provides serveral tools to make Tomcat more administrator friendly, especially in organizations used to leveraging administration consoles like those found in other more complex JEE application servers.

You may use the console to:

  • Monitor and control all Tomcat instances on multiple servers and across multiple environments
  • Deploy and view applications across instances
  • Troubleshoot problems across all instances, including view JMX parameters, viewing remote logs and more
  • Provide granular entitlement controls for the above functions and more


Our user guide has complete instructions for Installing and Configuring Liferay Portal on Mule Tcat. Make sure you've selected the guide for your particular version of Liferay Portal by checking the left hand side of the page.

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