Introduction of Sites in Liferay 6.1 EE

In previous versions of Liferay Portal, there were two distinct ways to group things: Communities and Organizations. With Liferay Portal 6.1, these two options are still available, but they are handled differently. Sites now exist in lieu of communities, and organizations are implemented through the Users and Organizations portlet.


When upgrading, all communities should be transferred over as Sites, since communities no longer exist. Keep in mind that this change may affect custom developments as well. See the example below:


  • A new parameter added to the method for the 6.1 build is the "boolean site".
  • There should be a "Organization Site" option upon organization creation. When you create the organization, there should be an option to "Create Site" available. This will be what the boolean parameter is used for.
  • If an organization is set to create a site, the boolean would be set to true.
  • If no site is chosen to be generated upon creation, the boolean would be set to false. Please note organizations can still be managed without a website.
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