Setting Up a Documentum Repository

This article explains the basic steps to set up Documentum and to add a Documentum repository in the Documents and Media portlet.

Note: Integrating with Documentum requires the installation and deployment of the Documentum Connector EE hook. It can be obtained through Liferay Marketplace.


  1. Start an existing Documentum server. The following steps are using Documentum 6.6.
  2. After downloading the requestedDocumentum Connector EE hook,you must first configure it as follows before it can be properly deployed onto the related Liferay bundle:
  • Navigate to ...\Documentum Connector EE.lpkg\documentum-hook-version.war\WEB-INF\classesand open
    • "Version" is the version number of the Documentum Connector EE hook and in this case, it is
  • Find the[0]=localhost property and modify localhost to the IP address of the Documentum server.
  • Save the modification and the modified Documentum Connector EE hook is ready to be deployed.
  1. In the following case, the default user and its password for Documentum are 'barthur' and 'barthur'. To make sure the 'Test Test' user can access Documentum, we need to create a new credential. To do it, follow the steps below:
  • On the Documentum VM, open any browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080/webtop
  • Login Documentum using the Login Name of 'barthur' and Password of 'barthur'
  • In the left panel, go to Administration > User Management > Users and click File > New > User to create a new user with the following details:
    • Name: test
    • User Login Name: test
    • E-Mail Address:
    • Privileges: Superuser
    • Client Capability: System Administrator
  • Click Logout at the top right corner of the page to log out.
  • Click Login Again, enter 'test' as the Login Name and enter 'test' as the Password.
  • The password will be registered apon the first login.
  1. To make sure a Documentum repository can be added in Liferay Portal, make sure the following properties are added to the '' file:
  1. After making the configurations above, start the Liferay bundle and deploy the modified 'Documentum Connector EE' hook to the related Liferay bundle. You might need to restart Liferay Portal again.
  2. After the Liferay bundle is properly started, sign in the portal using the Screen Name of 'test' and Password of 'test'.
  3. Add a Documents and Media portlet to any page and click Add > Repository to add a new Documentum repository in the displayed page as follows (see additional notes in Additional Information for more helpful information when adding the Documentum repository):
  • Name: Documentum Repository
  • Description: Documentum Description
  • Repository Type: Documentum
  • Repository: documentum
  • Cabinet: Wombat Insurance Co
  1. Click Save to save the settings.

You should now be able to see the newly added Documentum repository under 'Browse by Type' in the left navigation panel of the Documents and Media portlet.

Additional Information

Version of Documentum being used above is 6.6.

To log out of the Documentum server, click Logout at the top right corner directly. To view the repositories in the Documentum server, navigate to Cabinets > Wombat Insurance Co in the left panel.

If the Liferay Portal user and the corresponding Documentum user's credentials do not match, you will not be able to connect to the repository, thus the Documentum repository cannot be added in the Documents and Media portlet. In the above instructions, we added 'test test' as an administrator in the Documentum server. If you do not wish to do so, you can also add 'barthur' into the related Liferay bundle as a portal administrator, namely having the 'Administrator' role for the portal, and then use the 'barthur' user to add the Documentum repositories in Liferay Portal.

When testing multiple repositories, it's easier if you have added the user 'test test' as an administrator in the Documentum server and use 'test test' to add the Documentum repositories in Liferay Portal. That way, all you have to do is to sign in the portal as 'test test' and then you can test all of the repositories at once. When searching in the Documentum repository, you can only search for the document's author and title. This is called property based queries and it does not use the CONTAINS() predicate.

Document titles cannot contain the file extension—such as .doc, .odt, etc.—when stored in a Documentum repository.

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