Setting Up Clustering Liferay Portal on Azure

This article details what is needed to setup Liferay on the Microsoft Azure cloud

Virtual Machine Setup

Azure manages all instances as Virtual Machines. Create a new instance in the Azure Dashboard and follow the prompts to setup all the components. Some key parts:

  1. Setup a virtual network. This will help to partition your Liferay cluster from the world. As part of this step you should create a public IP to connect to
  2. Setup the required storage accounts. Storage accounts are used to store you VM's image. They are also used for cross-vm filestores like the ones needed for document library. You should keep these separate as VM images are the core of your servers.
  3. Setup a resource group to manage your cluster (optional, helps with organization)
  4. Setup your database. This can be either Microsoft's SQL service or a VM with a DB installed such as Oracle or MySQL. Microsoft SQL will provide you with connection strings while other DBs require more hands on management of VMs.
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