Using a Custom Theme for Account Verification and Default Landing and Logout Pages

Liferay Portal users often deploy a custom theme and want to use this custom theme as the background instead of the default Liferay classic theme. This article describes how the custom theme can be used multiple places in the portal including the account verification, default landing and default log out pages.


  1. Before starting Liferay Portal, enter this property in the
  2. Start Liferay Portal.
  3. Deploy the custom theme.
  4. Create a site using the custom theme, and add several pages to the site.
  5. Click Site URL and copy the friendly URL ("/zoe-healthcare-site").
  6. Navigate to Control Panel > Portal Settings > General
  7. Enter the following:
    • Home URL/web/${friendly URL}/${page1}
    • Default Landing Page/web/${friendly URL}/${page1}
    • Default Logout Page/web/${friendly URL}/${page2}
  8. Click the Save button.
  9. Navigate to Control Panel> Portal Settings> Authentication
  10. Flag the Require strangers to verify their email address check box.
  11. To verify that the custom theme has been applied, click Sign Out. The URL will show c/portal/logout redirect to the page defined as the Default Logout Page in step 7: /web/${friendly URL}/${page2}.
  12. Click Sign In
  13. The custom theme displays instead of the default Liferay class theme as the background to the Sign In portlet. Enter the credentials and sign in.
  14. Users will be redirected to the page defined as the Default Landing Page in step 7: /web/${friendly URL}/${page1}.
  15. Click the Create Account link.
  16. Fill in the information to create a new user. Verify at this time that the custom theme displays instead of the classic Liferay theme.

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