Using a SharePoint Repository

The Liferay Marketplace app Liferay Connector for SharePoint lets users add a SharePoint repository type to Liferay DXP’s Documents and Media Library. It supports SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016.

Liferay Connector for SharePoint provides these key benefits:

  • Reading/writing documents and folders
  • Document check-in, check-out, and undo check-out
  • Downloading documents
  • Moving folders and documents within the repository
  • Getting revision history
  • Reverting to a revision

The app uses SharePoint’s API, which has these limitations:

  • Version history is lost when moving or renaming a file without first checking it out.
  • You can’t change file extensions, you can only change file names.
  • A file’s current name propagates to all previous versions.
  • The user who checks out a file is the only one who can see the version number of that file’s working copy.
  • Queries for suffixes or intermediate wildcards convert to queries for containment.
  • Comments, ratings, and using a SharePoint folder as a Documents and Media root folder are unsupported.

To use a SharePoint repository in Documents and Media, you must first create an application in SharePoint and authorize it to access the repository. The guides in this section walk you through this process.

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