Restoring Testing Environment to Match the Production Environment

Often times, you will need to change your testing environment to be the same as your production environment for your Liferay Portal. The following article outlines some guidelines for restoring your testing environment to match the production environment in a successful manner. Please note that these are merely guidelines and certain situations will require additional action steps.


Follow these steps before restoring your testing environment to match your production environment. If there are any additional aspects of the restoration that you are unsure of, you can open a Help Center ticket.

  1. Before you do anything with either environment, backup everything. This is for safe measure in case something goes wrong.
  2. Make sure that the databases, documents, and images are updated and in-sync. This means that the ones that you use from the production backup are all taken at the exact same time. If they are out of sync, you run the possibility of not only losing important data but also encountering issues in Liferay when expected data is not found.
  3. must be the same for the test and production environments with the exception of production environment data such as, Liferay home, document library location, database connection settings, cluster settings, etc.
  4. All portlets, themes, and additional customizations should be deployed with the latest versions, being careful to match the same versions found in the production environment.
  5. Make sure that any configured mail server settings are removed or changed to be different from the production environment. This is to prevent sending email from the wrong portal.
NOTE: Several Liferay Portal settings can be saved in both the file or the Control Panel (such as mail server settings). In addition, application servers can be configured in such a way as to affect Liferay Portal's functionality (mail server and database configuration, SSL). As such it is very important that the production's full environment be carefully reviewed to ensure that the desired settings are fully transferred over to the testing environment with special attention paid to the application server and the Control Panel.
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