Installing Liferay Portal 6.2+ EE Plugins Without Using Marketplace Portlet

How can users install plugins if they cannot use the marketplace portlet within the control panel of Liferay portal?


The plugin would have to be downloaded as a file and deployed through the deploy directory of the Liferay application.

  1. Navigate to Liferay Marketplace.
  2. Find the application you would like to install and select the link for downloading/purchasing the application.installingPluginsWithoutMarketplace.PNG
  3. Follow directions completing the purchase.
  4. Select the Purchased link on
  5. Select the link to the purchased application.
  6. Identify the version of Liferay Portal you want from the list and click on it
  7. Select the App button under the Downloads column.

The plugin would be downloaded as a deployable LPKG file that can be manually deployed in the Liferay instance either via the deploy directory found in the Liferay Home location or via the Plugins Manager in the Control Panel.

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