Setting Up a Liferay DXP Instance

Once you have a Liferay DXP installation, you’re going to want to configure it. Whether that means adding a virtual instance, setting up the initial instance to suit your needs, or integrating existing users into the installation. Recall that configuration happens at different scopes. Here were thinking about the instance scope. There’s an important difference between the system scope and the instance scope. The system scope is the highest level scope you can make configurations at. All virtual instances of Liferay are impacted by configuration done at this scope. The instance scope applies only to one particular virtual instance of Liferay. What are virtual instances? Separate Liferay installations (with their own virtual host) that share a server and database. Each instance can be configured very differently.

So what kind of configuration do you need to do in your instance? Here’s what these articles cover:

  • Adding a virtual instance

  • Configuring a virtual instance

  • Integrating existing users into Liferay

Get started by learning about adding a virtual instance.

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