Marketplace Concepts: Users, Companies, and Apps

Anyone can browse the apps available on Liferay Marketplace at, but a user account is required for purchasing and downloading apps. You can browse, purchase, and download apps from the Marketplace website or from a running Liferay portal. Accessing Liferay Marketplace from a running Liferay portal makes it very easy to download and install apps. Once an app has been purchased, it takes just one click to download the app and one click to install it. Updating or uninstalling the app are also one-click processes. A user account is required regardless of whether you access Liferay Marketplace via the browser or via an existing Liferay installation.

Many official Liferay apps, as well as some third party apps, are available free of charge. Other apps require you to pay a fee in order to access them. When you purchase an app, you can do so on your own behalf or on behalf of a company. Apps purchased on your own behalf are associated with your personal user account. Apps purchased on behalf of a company are associated with the company’s account and can be accessed by any users who belong to the company. Once you’ve purchased an app, you’re free to download and install any available version of the app whenever you like. We’ll explain how to set up a company account, manage company apps and join companies after we discuss how to access Liferay Marketplace.

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