Introduction to User Management

You know how all these retailers advertise themselves as a “one stop shop” for anything you want? The idea is they have so much stuff that chances are whatever you’re looking for is there. Liferay’s Control Panel is something like this. If you want to create users, organizations, sites, configure permissions and plugins and pretty much anything else, you can do it from the Control Panel. When signed in to Liferay as an administrator, you can access the Control Panel from the Dockbar by clicking AdminControl Panel.

The Control Panel is organized into four main areas: Users, Sites, Apps, and Configuration. The Users section lets you create and manage users, organizations, user groups, roles, and password policies. If monitoring has been enabled for your portal, you can also view all of the live portal sessions of your users from this area of the Control Panel. If the Audit plugins have been installed from Liferay Marketplace, the Audit section also appears.

In this chapter, you’ll learn everything having to do with managing users, and you’ll see examples of some of the user management concepts discussed earlier:

  • Users
  • Organizations
  • User Groups
  • Roles
  • Password Policies
  • Monitoring
  • Audit Trails

Let’s begin examining Liferay’s Control Panel by looking at how to manage users in Liferay Portal.

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