Liferay Portal Activation Key Deployment Instructions for versions 5.2 SP5 to 6.0.X

Activation Key deployment for Liferay Portal versions 5.2.9 (Service Pack 5) to 6.0.x is different from key deployment for Liferay versions 5.2 SP4 and earlier. Activation keys are no longer generated based off the Server ID. Instead, you'll need an .xml key file. This file will be generated by Liferay's Provisioning team. Please follow the deployment instructions below.


After obtaining an activation key,

1. Clear the${liferay.home}/data/ee folder
2. Place the attached key .xml file in the Liferay deploy directory (${auto.deploy.deploy.dir} , which defaults to ${liferay.home}/deploy)
3. Start the application server
4. Wait for the key file to be auto-deployed
5. Proceed to using the portal

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact
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