Fix Pack and Hotfix installation order on Liferay Portal EE

The order of fix pack and hotfix updates are determined by engineering in several ways. This order is hardcoded in the update.


  • Versions previous to Portal 6.2 SP11


General Guidelines:

  1. The general order of installation is: Fix-Packs and Security Updates before Hotfix updates.
  2. Subsequent order is determined by type of component. For example, a core fix would precede an upgrade fix.
  3. Numerical suffixes do not affect load order.
  4. Do not modify the fix order by editing the update. This can cause conflicts.

Certain fixes that resolve, or are dependent on other updates, may change the load order such that code conflicts do not happen. To determine if a hotfix update will override or conflicts, run the patching-tool info command.

$> ./ info

[ -] [fix-name][fix-number][liferay-version] :: Currently not installed; Won't be installed: [fix-name]-[fix-number]contains the fixes included in this one
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