Optimizing Lucene

In most cases, optimizing Lucene is helpful; in larger deployments it is a necessity. This article aims to explain the relevant settings for optimizing Lucene and provide links to further information. It must be mentioned, though, that this service is not supported by Liferay Subscription Services since each Liferay deployment will be different.


A good starting point if you have a good amount of available memory on the system is to increase thelucene.buffer.size= setting in the portal-ext.properties. Also, try increasing the lucene.commit.batch.size= setting.

Use trial and error with these lucene settings until you reach your desired benchmark.

Some alternatives to using Lucene or optimizing Lucene yourself:

  1. Use Solr, which is an application that implements and optimizes Lucene, and sits on a dedicated server.

  2. Talk to the Account Manager about possible Liferay services to help optimize Lucene for your environment.

What if I get an "Out of Memory Error" when reindexing?
Try lowering the default values oflucene.buffer.size=16 and lucene.merge.factor=10

Additional Information

Read the benchmark and stress tests here: http://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-5837

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