Setting up locales for use with Staging

This article describes how to successfully perform local-live staging with the use of language locales/translations.


  1. You will need to obtain hotfix-56 and apply it to your bundle. This fix removes an error that requires en_US to be listed as a supported locale in For more details, please look at LPS-29349.
  2. First, determine what language translations will be used in the Liferay Portal. These will need to be set upon initial start-up of the server in the The supported locales are listed in your file.
  3. You may also want to set your default language in the For example, let's use Spanish. Your will look like:
locales= en_GB,en_US,es_ES

Please be mindful to not to leave any spaces as you list the locales.

Locales/Staging example:

  1. Start server.
  2. Create Web Content by adding a Structure and Template.
    You will need to add the any languages that you have placed in your that you desire the content to be translated to.
  3. Save.
  4. Add the Web Content Display Portlet to the site page.
  5. Proceed in configuring Staging as desired.
  • If you'd like to change the company.default.locale, you must do so after staging the content that will be staged. Then, stop the server, input the company.default.locale property, and proceed.
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