Site Template Use Cases

A site template is a hierarchical set of pages and content that can be used as a template for creating new sites.
Due to the power and many options of this feature, there is a large list of possible use cases. This article aims to describe some of the most common ones, in order to provide a better insight on how site templates work.


Attached here is a spreadsheet containing some of the most common use cases for site templates. This format has been chosen so that the list of use cases can be easily extended. For a better comprenhension, every use case has been associated to a concept (i.e. the main feature covered by the use case) and has been described as a three-component conceptualization:

  • Scenario: The starting point of the use case. When the scenario is the same as in other use case, the description is replaced by #i, being i the id of the use case.
  • Action: The list of steps to go from the starting point to the result.
  • Outcome: The result obtained by executing the action from the initial scenario.


For the sake of simplicity, the following notation has been used in the description of the use cases:

  • ST1: A page in a site template
  • ST1*: In site created from a site template, the page copied from ST1.
  • STWC1: A web content in a site template.
  • STWC1*: In site created from a site template, a web content copied from STWC1.
  • STWCD1: A web content display portlet in a site template.
  • STWCD1*: In site created from a site template, a web content display portlet copied from STWCD1.


Additional Information

For further information about site templates please refer to the Site Templates section of our User Guide.

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