Adding Portlets to Users' Private Pages By Default

This article describes how to add portlets to a user's private page by default.


One way of achieving this is by creating a page anywhere in the portal with the pre-configured portlets you need, and then exporting a LAR of the page.

Next, use the following property in the, making sure to point to the location of the lar file:

# Specify a LAR file that can be used to create the user private layouts. If
# this property is set, the previous layout properties will be ignored.

For existing users, delete their current private pages and have them sign in again. As a precaution, please ensure that the customer has a backup of their environment.

At this point, the content of the private page is no longer tied to the original source. The portlets on the user's private pages are not linked with the contents of the LAR file but rather are a copy of the portlets and content that were in the exported LAR.

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