Creating a Folder for a Specific Team

With the advent of teams in Liferay Portal, the portal administrator now has greater flexibility in managing site membership. This article outlines a method for creating a set of documents for use by a specific team.


Here is a quick demo on how to achieve this from a plain bundle:

  1. Create a Site "Site 1" and within that site, create a team, "Team 1"
  2. Within "Site 1", create a private page and add a Documents and Media Portlet to that page.
  3. Create the folder, "Team Folder" that is to have its contents restricted to a given team.
  4. Enable the permissions such that only team members may view it (disable permissions for Site Members)


Now, when team members upload documents to this folder, they can set them to be "Viewable by Site Member". The permissios on the folder that contains the file will prevent site members who are not a part of the team from seeing the files in the "Team Folder".

Note that for editing the file or its permissions is a separate permission that may be granted by the site administrator.

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