Including in Help Center Tickets

One of the most important pieces of information when resolving a customer issue is the file for your environment. It is now possible to upload the file before opening a ticket. This article describes what you need to know to locate your file(s) for upload to the ticket.



Perhaps the most straightforward place to put the file is directly into the [LIFERAY_HOME] folder. However, the file that is being read may also be located in other locations as well (e.g. In Tomcat, webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes is a common location).

To determine the location of the file that is being read by your portal, simply search your log file for "". Within the log file should be the location of the that was loaded by the portal.

e.g. Loading file:/C:/Users/Liferay/Liferay/Bundles/liferay-portal-6.1.20-ee-ga2/

Other Properties Files

Keep in mind that, and can be set up to override your

See the include-and-override property in your file to see if any additional properties files will need to be uploaded to the ticket in addition to the

Additional Information

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