Analytics Cloud End of Service and Data Retention Policy

This article specifies the Liferay support policy for Analytics Cloud end of service and data retention. It specifies Liferay's responsibility as well as your responsibility as the customer in the event you decide to end your subscription to Analytics Cloud.

In order for Analytics Cloud to provide insights into your site, it must constantly collect data from the Liferay DXP instances in which it is connected. This data is stored by Liferay for the length of your Analytics Cloud subscription. In order to ensure that you are in control of your information, Liferay does not retain this data should you decide to unsubscribe. If you need to end your subscription to Analytics Cloud, please be aware of the following with regards to your site's data:

Once you have unsubscribed from Liferay Analytics Cloud,

  • Your data will continue to be stored by Liferay for up to 30 days beyond the original subscription end date
  • You will have 14 days after the original subscription end date to request a dump of your data 
  • Once the data dump is provided, you have 14 days to download the data

If you would like to keep the data collected by Analytics Cloud for your records, please be sure to Submit a Ticket to request the dump as soon as possible so that our team can prepare it before the data is permanently removed. Please add the words “data dump request” to the title in order to expedite this process.

Additional Information

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