Re-Enabling the XSL Content Widget in DXP 7.1

The XSL Content widget allows anyone who has permission to configure the widget to modify any XML/XSL file. The widget is originally deprecated and was removed from Digital Experience Platform 7.1. The widget will not be released as an app on Marketplace.


If you still require the XSL widget, it can be obtained through Liferay's public repository.

  1. Navigate to Liferay's public repository.
  2. Search for the the XSL Content widget module by searching for com.liferay.xsl.
  3. Locate and select the latest 3.0.x version of the jar.
  4. Click on the Artifact tab.
  5. Download the jar by clicking the Download button.
  6. Deploy the jar in the desired environment by placing the jar in the deploy folder.

Next, the portlet has to be enabled.

  1. Create a new file called: com.liferay.xsl.content.web.configuration.XSLContentConfiguration.config
  2. Enter the following:
    • com.liferay.portlet.display-category="category.cms"
    • com.liferay.portlet.include="true"
  3. Place the file in the /osgi/configs folder located in the Liferay home folder.
  4. The XSL portlet is now be available under the Add → Widgets menu in the Content Management category.
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