Setting up a form with the auto-fill feature


  • I want to auto-fill another field depending on the value entered in a text field.


  • Liferay Portal 6.2, Liferay DXP 7.0, Liferay DXP 7.1


  • This can be achieved by combining "data providers" and "rules".
    As an example, here is a form that auto-fills a prefecture name from a zip code


1. Go to content > form

2. Add a form with any name (e.g.: Address)

3. Add two text fields, each with a label (e.g.:Postal code, Prefectures)

4. Save the form and return to the form selection screen

5. Select "Data Provider" from the top-right three-dot button

6. Add a data provider with the following settings

Name: Zipcloud
URL: Http:? //Zipcloud.Ibsnet.Co.Jp/api/search Zipcode ={zipcode}

label Zipcode
parameters Zipcode
type text box

label Prefecture
parameter $. results[0].address1
types text box

7. Return to the form selection screen and select "Address".

8. Go to the Rules tab and add a "Rule" with the following settings

If "Postal code" "is not empty"

Perform "Autofill" Data provider "zipcloud"

Data provider input:
zipcode "Postal code"

Data provider output:
prefecture "Prefectures"

9. Add the form portlet to one of the pages and select the form you have created

10. Enter your postal code in the "Postal code" field.

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