How to check if an LPS or LPE fix is included in a Fix Pack


  • How do I check if a certain fix (exp. LPS-XXXXX) is included within a Fix Pack?
  • How do I check if a certain fix (exp. LPE-XXXXX) is included within a Fix Pack?


  • Liferay DXP 7.2 


  • Step1: Find out the relevant LPS / LPE number(s)
    • If you know it/them already move on to Step 2
    • If Liferay Support has delivered a hotfix we can use the same steps that follow to locate the LPS / LPE number(s)
  • Step 2: Now that you know the LPS / LPE number(s)
    • Make a copy of the Fix Pack version (or Hotfix) you want to check
    • Unzip the copy
    • Navigate to and open this file 
    • Use CTRL+F to bring up the search function
    • Search for LPS / LPE number(s)

Additional Information

  • Please note that Fix Packs and Hotfixes always need to be deployed in zipped format. When checking for contained LPS / LPE number(s) we recommend using a copy
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