Setting up the Portal Instance Name (Website Name) in Liferay DXP 7.1


  • The website name is set by default as Liferay DXP.
  • This name can be set to a new name by making changes in instance settings( Configuration-> Instance Settings -> Configuration -> Main Configuration -> Name). But the issue is after restarting the server, the website name (portal instance name) is resetting back to 'Liferay DXP'. 


  • Liferay DXP 7.1 


  • The above issue is observed up to Liferay-fix-pack-dxp-9 and this can be resolved by following the below workaround:
    • There is a property called '' which is set to 'Liferay'. Set this property with the desired name. 
    • Then, Go to Control Panel-> Configuration-> Instance Settings -> Configuration -> Main Configuration -> Name: Set the same desired Name here -> Save.
    •  Please Note: The Portal needs to be restarted to apply the above changes.
  • This issue is fixed in Liferay-fix-pack-dxp-10

Additional Information

  • It is highly recommended to do the followings before installing a patch:
    1.  Keep the backup of your existing environment before installing/uninstalling the fix. 
    2. We would suggest you test the fix in a lower environment and then move it to production as per your discretion if you feel comfortable with it.
    3. Perform these operations in application server downtime, because these steps require the restart of the server.
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