Restart required after every Jar Deployment


When the jar is deployed, it is not reflected until and unless the server is restarted


  • Liferay DXP 7.0


Sometimes, the jar is deployed and is not reflecting on the portal until and unless the server is restarted. This might cause the issue as the production environment can't be restarted after each and every deployment. In order to check what is causing the issue, please check if the below property is added in or not.


By default, the above-mentioned property is enabled i.e. set to "true". It is responsible to refresh the servlet associated with a JSP; when the JSP has been modified. 

Therefore, by removing the property direct.servlet.context.reload=false or setting direct.servlet.context.reload=true in will resolve the issue, i.e. after each deployment of jar server restart is not required.

Please Note: Once you remove or set the above property to true in You need to restart the server in order to bring the changes.


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