Why does logging in with a new user create two '\home' entries in the database?


  • After logging into the portal, two entries of friendlyURL '\home' are made in the layout table for every new user is createdDB.png


  • Liferay DXP 7.0


  • This is the intended behavior of Liferay.
  • The reason behind the creation of these two '/home' entries is that there are two pages present in Liferay whose friendly URL name is '/home'. Amongst which one is the Public page and another is a Private page.
  • If the requirement is to delete these entries, then below is the solution to achieve the same:
    • Disabling the personal sites for the portal will eliminate the '\home' entries in DB. To eliminate the generation of these pages for new users, add the below two properties in portal-ext.properties,
    • layout.user.public.layouts.enabled=false
    • But for the existing user’s personal site, the pages will get deleted automatically when the user will log in for the next time.
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