Is folder subscription available in knowledge base management ?


  • How to subscribe to the folder in knowledge base management


  • Liferay DXP 7.0


  • The folder subscription option is available at root level(Content -> KnowledgeBase -> click on ellipsis button which is at the right top -> select subscribe) which applies to all folder.

Additional Information

  • As the root folder subscription is only available for Admin Users(who have rights to access Site Admin control panel) then how can a normal user subscribe root folder?

    This can be achieved by defining permissions to a role. 
    For all authenticated users, the regular role "User" should be assigned by default and defining permissions to that role would help to subscribe root folder through the control panel.

    1) Control Panel -> Users -> Roles -> Regular Roles -> User -> click on options(3dots ellipsis button) -> Define Permissions

    2) In left side Summary, click on Site Administration -> Content  -> Knowledge Base and then check the following checkbox options.

    a) General Permissions - Check Access in Site Administration.
    b) Resource Permissions - Check Subscribe then click on Save.

  • Unfortunately, there is no OOTB option for subscribing individual folders as of now.
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