How to get the total number of documents once migrated from File System to DB Store?


  • If the data is moved from the File System to DB Store, then how to get the number of documents from the portal.


  • Liferay DXP 7.0


  • When DB Store is used as a repository, the files are stored in two tables 'dlfileentry' and 'dlcontent' tables.
    • The "dlfileentry" table contains the information of the document entered/uploaded in the portal. Therefore, the total number of rows in this table indicates the total number of documents in the portal
    • 'dlcontent' table stores the data of document entered/uploaded. The number of rows varies here based upon the size/page of the documents.

Additional Information

  • Data Migration
  • Randomly download a file which was uploaded before the data migration and check if the file gets downloaded, then the files are migrated successfully.
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