Liferay's OpenID Connect implementation and Single Logout


  • Does Liferay's OpenID Connect implementation support Single Logout?


  • Liferay DXP 7.1/7.2


  • Liferay's current OpenID Connect (OIDC) integration only implements parts of the Final specifications, specifically "Core" and "Discovery".

    While single-logout (SLO) functionalities are useful in SSO applications, the SLO-related specifications in OIDC are currently in draft versions in the final specifications page:
    • Session Management – Defines how to manage OpenID Connect sessions, including postMessage-based logout functionality
    • Front-Channel Logout – Defines a front-channel logout mechanism that does not use an OP iframe on RP pages
    • Back-Channel Logout – Defines a logout mechanism that uses direct back-channel communication between the OP and RPs being logged out
    With this being the case, this means that different providers may have varying methods of supporting this functionality, or some may not support it at all. Liferay's OpenID Connect implementation does not include this functionality at this moment.

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