Support Tickets and Self-Service on Liferay Help Center

Help Center is the place where you can access our world-class customer support and abundant self-service resources.  Here is a guide to help you get the most from Liferay Support through Help Center.



Much of the information and resources you are looking have been made available through Self-Service channels to help you achieve things more quickly. Here are some of the most commonly used resources:

Activation, Releases, and Downloads

  • Activation Keys & Team Roles - Access and manage product activation keys and team user roles.
  • Downloads Page - Access to the latest product releases, including info on key highlights, known issues, changelog and module version changes per release.
  • DXP Version Comparison Tool - easy-to-use upgrade research tool that allows you to easily identify all the fixes and module version changes between different DXP versions and update levels.

Official Product Guides

    • Home to the official Liferay product guides for DXP Self-Hosted, Liferay SaaS & PaaS, as well as courses to help you build your solution.
  • Legacy Product Guides for DXP and Portal EE:

Knowledge Base

  • Help Articles - Help Center boasts a huge repository of Knowledge Base and "Fast Track" articles that offer solutions to common questions and issues on Liferay which are searchable on Google, or Help Center.
  • Security Announcements - A list of security alerts and announcements.

Product Support

Activation Information


Support Tickets - Best Practices

You may also ask for assistance with an issue you can't resolve through a Support Ticket. Note that for Cloud Customers (Liferay SaaS or PaaS) you can also access the ticket form via the Cloud Console. Also, the Liferay Contact listed in the project overview page is the best person to reach out to with commercial questions about subscription renewal, purchasing or other Liferay services.

To ensure the fastest possible investigation and resolution, please include the following information when creating support tickets:

  1. Detailed steps to replicate the issue
    • This will help the Customer Support Engineer reproduce the behavior for investigation.
    • Please include clear steps to reproduce your issue:
      • For DXP Self-Hosted: be sure to reproduce your issue on a vanilla bundle of Liferay to ensure our engineers are reproducing your precise issue when they investigate.
    • With the reproduction steps, it's helpful to include statements about what the Expected Results verses Actual Results are. For example:
      • Expected Results: the button is visible.
      • Actual Results: the button is not visible.
    • You may want to include screenshots from the UI/console/browser console, etc.
    • Video or GIF may also be shared if it helps illustrate the reproduction steps.

  2. Description of your use-case
    • Understanding your use-case and what you are trying to accomplish, may help us resolve the issue or offer advice on best-practices.

  3. Complete Liferay logs from startup
    • By default, the logs are included in /$Liferay_home/logs
      • For Liferay SaaS and PaaS: logs are found in the Cloud Console
    • Having logging from startup will provide additional context in analyzing errors from the stack trace.

  4. Portal-ext.properities file
  5. Patching Info for your Environment
  6. Environment details that may be relevant
    • Browser Version - frontend issues
    • Database (type, version) - backend issues related to data
    • Java Version - for customizations where portlets need to be built
    • Web Server Version
    • Relevant page/link in the Cloud Console - Liferay SaaS and PaaS

  7. Recent changes in the system
    • Were there any changes in your system that could be related to the issue?
      • Changes/modifications on your database
      • Upgrades to Liferay (version or fix pack level)
      • Customizations (please attach the deployable custom plugin and its source code, or any documentation that has been referenced)
      • Client Extensions deployments
      • Updates

  8. For Performance issues in particular, include:

You can also refer to these articles that give specific steps before opening a:

Additional Information

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