Changing layout's type removes portlet preferences


  • Changing our page's type from "Layout" to "Link to URL" then back to "Layout", the page won't retain its portlets configuration


  • Liferay DXP 7.0 with Fix Pack 93 or below


  • The use case is caused by LPS-67368 missing a cleanup step (layout typesettings are not cleared, so they retain the column-* properties)
  • After that, it was decided, if any non-Layout type page would be converted into a Layout type page, the result should be a clean page
  • Following that direction, to eliminate further issues related to the page type changes, the ability to change layout types was removed in DXP 7.2 by LPS-76089.
  • The current resolution for DXP 7.0 is LPS-117649, which will make the page empty after such type changes from Fix Pack 94


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